Raised in the wild

Hiddenfjord salmon is raised in pens placed in exposed sites with high waves or strong currents that provide the perfect natural living conditions for the Atlantic salmon. Raising the salmon in the wild also prevents pollution of the seabed. We choose exposed locations for our salmon pens in order to obtain optimal animal welfare and the best environmental sustainability. This is not always an easy thing to do, but it is the right thing to do.

For decades we have moved our farming activities to more and more exposed locations with stronger currents and higher waves. Today, we are the salmon farmer that raises salmon in the harshest conditions in the world with the strongest currents (frequently over 100 cm/s, strongest measured: 125 cm/s) and the highest waves (significant wave height (Hm0) measured: over 8m, maximum wave height measured: over 13m). This has required a lot of testing, analyzing and experimenting, but our innovative approach has been successful and has given us valuable knowledge about exposed farming.

Therefore, we are confident to say that we have the most exposed salmon farming in the world. This is something of which we are very proud.

Salmon raised in this optimal environment gives the best foundation for supplying a good quality salmon. This is one of the reasons why Hiddenfjord salmon is recognized worldwide as premium-quality salmon.