Our Products

Hiddenfjord produces high-quality salmon that is raised in the most exposed farming sites in the world. This provides the foundation for our products’ unique clean taste and quality. A part of the secret is our unique method of stress-free harvesting, gutting, cleaning, packaging, and transporting our salmon. We carefully pack and ice the fish within 3 hours after it has been swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, preserving the salmon’s great taste and firm texture. We use no antibiotics or hormones in our farming. All Hiddenfjord salmon products are BAP- and GlobalG.A.P.-certified.

Hiddenfjord salmon is recognized by fish buyers, chefs and consumers all over the world as the finest in terms of taste and quality.

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Products we offer

  • Fresh whole salmon
  • Fresh salmon fillets
  • Frozen vacuum-packed salmon fillets
  • Frozen salmon heads, backbones, and offcuts

For more information, please contact our sales team:

+298 662100