A family business

Hiddenfjord is the only 100% Faroese salmon farming company. The owners are the brothers Atli and Regin Gregersen.

Hiddenfjord has roots dating back to 1887. The current generation of this family-owned company has developed Hiddenfjord into a unique salmon brand within the salmon industry. This has been a success due to high ambitions, while maintaining the liberties of a family-owned business. These liberties are primarily the ability to have an idealistic focus on sustainability and to take the necessary time to develop new ideas and improve practices without a constant pressure from shareholders on short-term profits.

Having total control of the company also allows Hiddenfjord to invest heavily in research and development, constantly being a part of and funding several research projects that will ultimately benefit the entire industry.

“Our main value is sustainability. To be true to our commitment to create a product of exceptional quality to our customers without harming the environment. In fact, to create an environmentally sustainable product to feed the world.”

- Atli Gregersen

The strong identity and values of the company can be attributed to its long history of constant emphasis on integrity and public spirit. Hiddenfjord was founded under the name PF Fiskavirkið in 1929 and produced dried salted cod. It was managed by the current owners’ grandfather Jóan Pauli Gregersen (on the father’s side) and founded together with the local community in order to create jobs.

Hiddenfjord also originates from the activities of the company S.P. Petersen (est. 1887) that was founded by the Gregersen brothers’ great grandfather (on the mother’s side) – a company striving to produce the finest quality, for which the company has received international honours, the first one already in 1898. This spirit and emphasis on very high quality also defines the values of Hiddenfjord today.