Hiddenfjord Wins 2021 SEAL Business Sustainability Award for 94% Reduction in Carbon Emissions

SØRVÁGUR, Faroe Islands — We are proud and humbled to win a 2021 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. Hiddenfjord has been recognized by SEAL (which stands for Sustainability, Environmental Achievement, and Leadership) in the category of Environmental Initiatives for our dramatic reduction in transportation-related CO2 emissions, which dropped 94% when we switched from air freight to sea freight last year.


Our core value is sustainability, and our fundamental belief is that our activities today must not hinder future activities. We humbly accept this award, recognizing that we all have to take more responsibility when it comes to making a change today. As current stewards of the planet, we owe it to future generations to not just talk about sustainability but to take direct action towards creating it.


Hiddenfjord stopped using air freight in October 2020, making us the first salmon farmer in the world to rely solely on more sustainable transportation. In a film released to celebrate the anniversary of this milestone, we detailed how using ocean-freight liners to deliver fresh salmon to customers led to a major drop in our carbon footprint.


Additionally, Hiddenfjord’s environmental leadership has been recognized by the UK’s Business Brilliance Awards, where we have won a Gold Award in the Environmental & Corporate Sustainability category. Our co-owner and CEO, Atli Gregersen, has also received a nomination for Business Leader of the Year by the edie Sustainability Leaders Awards, one of the most prestigious business sustainability awards in the UK. This nomination is based on Hiddenfjord’s work in animal welfare and sustainability over the last 30 years. Examples include our unique stress-free harvesting system and raising large smolt on land, shortening the time salmon spend in the ocean, and, therefore, minimising the risk of sea lice. Together with Faroese authorities, Hiddenfjord has continuously advocated for strict and sensible veterinary legislation in the Faroe Islands and inspired other farming countries to adopt similar legislation.


The edie winners will be announced on February 2, 2022.