Raised in the wild

Salmon from the Faroe Islands

The Healthy Choice

Salmon is a nutritious meal with a rich content of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and protein. Hiddenfjord salmon contains no antibiotics or hormones.

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Raised in the Wild

Our salmon is raised in the pristine waters around the Faroe Islands. Farming in pens in the open sea with strong currents and high waves keeps the salmon fit and prevents pollution of the seabed.

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Exceptional Taste

Hiddenfjord salmon has a fantastic quality. It has a clean oceanic flavour. It lingers cleanly on the palate and has a nice butteriness.

Dave Pasternack, Chef, New York

Truly Sustainable Farming

Hiddenfjord salmon is raised in the world’s most exposed farming locations to secure optimal farming conditions. Sustainability is our core value and this is reflected in all our actions.

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Stress-free Harvesting

Our unique concept utilises the salmon's natural instinct to swim against the current. They are carefully guided from the open sea pens to the harvest basin and stunned without stress. This gives a better taste and longer shelf life.

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10-10-2020 we stopped all our air freight. By replacing this major contributor to global CO2-emissions with sea freight, we have reduced our carbon footprint for overseas transport by 94%.
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of the Atlantic Salmon

For thousands of years the Atlantic salmon has migrated to the sea around the Faroe Islands to feed and grow and therefore has adapted to these pristine waters. This is the salmon’s natural home.

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A Family Business

Hiddenfjord is a family-owned company founded in 1929. We have an idealistic focus on environmental sustainability.

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The brothers, Atli and Regin Gregersen, manage the company today.