Read our Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainaibilty has been a cornerstone of Hiddenfjord’s work since we started salmon farming in the early eighties.


We must ensure sustainable and long-lasting farming in our own fjords and do all we can to ensure the same in the Faroe Islands as a whole.


It is our responsibility to do all we can to make sure that we are not the cause of unnecessary pollution or emissions locally and globally.


Our sustainability report aims to show what impact our work has on the environment and to explain exactly what we have done, and plan to do, to minimise our environmental impact. We do this in a transparent and honest way that holds us accountable. It also includes our recommendations to Faroese authorities about how to see to it that salmon farming is as sustainable as possible.


Future generations must have the same conditions in which to thrive – in harmony with nature – as we have today. Integrity and transparency are our cornerstones. We believe that environmental development depends on transparency, and that the industry must recognise the challenges it faces to solve them. Therefore, we believe it is our responsibility to show what impact our work has on the environment.


Our Sustainability Report discusses many topics, such as what sustainability means to us, our core values and goals, how we combat sea lice, what we’ve done to drastically reduce our CO2 emissions, and more.


We hope you enjoy reading our Sustainability Report 2021.


The report is also available in Faroese.