Hiddenfjord earns BAP certification

We’re delighted to have achieved BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) accreditation. This follows our GlobalG.A.P. certification, which we achieved some time ago.


Our CEO, Atli Gregersen, has these words: “We are committed to farming and producing salmon in the most sustainable, responsible, and ethical way. We have known for a long time that our salmon is farmed and produced according to the highest standards. Our BAP and GlobalG.A.P certifications will help assure our customers that this is, indeed, true.”


BAP is one of the most comprehensive and best-known certification systems for ensuring the sustainability of aquaculture products. BAP sets standards for the environment, social responsibility, food safety, animal welfare and traceability.


Mike Berthet, EMEA Market Development at BAP, says: “The Global Seafood Alliance is delighted to welcome Hiddenfjord to its Best Aquaculture Practices certification program. This is a first for salmon farms and processing facilities in the Faroe Islands and is a landmark signal that BAP continues to grow, attracting responsible producers across the complete supply chain.”


This is the first step towards Hiddenfjord’s goal of attaining a four-star BAP certification. All our farming sites and our processing plant have been awarded stars, meaning we currently have a two-star BAP certification. Our largest feed supplier, Skretting, is expected to earn a BAP certification soon and we are working on having our hatchery fully approved. These actions will earn Hiddenfjord a four-star BAP accreditation.