Hiddenfjord celebrates Multicultural Week 2022

At Hiddenfjord, our workforce consists of people from 14 different countries. On Friday last week, we spent the day celebrating the diversity and multiculturism of our wonderful staff. This was done as part of the annual Multicultural Week, organised by Tórshavn Municipality and the Immigration Office.


The day started with a workshop. Staff used family and childhood photos to create photo collages from their home country. The posters were hung on a wall surrounding a world map and pins were placed on the map to indicate countries of birth.


After a quick coffee break, the day resumed with interesting presentations from workers from the Philippines, Thailand, Ukraine, and Venezuela. Next up was a quiz. All foreign workers were asked to provide one question each from their home country. These were used in the quiz, which turned into a competitive and lively event! Maria Nolsøe from Venezuela won the top prize. Congrats!


Delicious Indian food was served for lunch. In the afternoon, staff were divided into groups and sent to various parts of Vágar island to collect waste as part of World Cleanup Day.


After their hard work in the afternoon, staff were treated to burgers and pancakes.


All in all, an excellent day that built understanding and strengthened bonds. We look forward to next year’s Multicultural Week.