Hiddenfjord attends China Fisheries and Seafood Expo

In late October 2023, Hiddenfjord attended the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo held in Qingdao, China. The expo served as a platform for Hiddenfjord’s sales staff to engage with customers in the region, which is renowned for its appetite for high-quality seafood products.  


At the heart of our mission in Qingdao was the promotion of Hiddenfjord’s vacuum-packed frozen fillets products. These fillets, with their exceptional taste and long-lasting shelf life, garnered considerable attention from the expo’s attendees. 


The only Hiddenfjord products available on the Asian market are frozen fillets and other frozen products, such as heads, backbones, belly flaps and offcuts.  


No fresh salmon has been sent to Asia since we eliminated all air freight of our salmon in 2020. While fresh salmon cannot be transported to Asia by air due to the extended shipping time required by sea, Hiddenfjord continues to prioritize frozen products to the Asian market.