Our Products

Once you have read our story, you’ll understand why the HiddenFjord brand represents the absolute epitome of quality. All HiddenFjord farmed salmon is superior grade salmon. The exceptional care and a pristine environment is only the foundation for quality. Our experienced teams of farmers, handlers, packers and shippers are the factors that consistently elevate us above the competition.

Representing a tiny percentage of our highest quality product, HiddenFjord Sushi Grade is essentially an ultra superior salmon. Our HiddenFjord Sushi Grade salmon physical characteristics represent perfection in the natural world. Their appearance, shape, color and taste are at a level associated with perfection. Master Sushi Chefs understand that a premium reputation is not built on good — or even great — product; it must be the finest in the world.

In addition to the premium whole fish, we also offer ultra-premium, pinbone-in fillets. In keeping with the level of whole fish quality, HiddenFjord fillets are the finest in the world. As a consistent and reliable resource for brilliant chefs around the world, HiddenFjord stands alone.