Our Story

A History of Premium Quality

The HiddenFjord brand is the result of over 80 years of hard-earned experience and innovative brilliance.

In 1929, men in the village of Gøta started a small white fish company called Fiskavirkið. A respected family man and trustworthy businessman Joen Pauli Gregersen directed the company for several years before his son Oddfríður Gregersen took over. During this time the company had become owned by the Gregersen family. As the company grew and expanded their product offerings, distinctive companies were created to better focus on each type of product. For superior, farmed salmon, there is Luna. For quality, salted fish, there is PRG.

Even as young boys, Oddfríðurs three sons, Atli, Páll, and Regin, expressed a keen interest in the company. Each pursued a relevant education and over the years, they found their perfect position within the companies. Atli and Regin managing Luna and Páll and Regin managing PRG.

The premium quality of the products offered by Luna are a direct reflection of the passion the owners and the employees feel for the work they do. There is no substitute for pride in workmanship and there is no comparison to the products offered by Luna. In every way, they lead the industry; from immaculate breeding techniques to ideal pen placements, from optimal feed regimens to humane harvesting and packing processes.

In 2011, Luna created the HiddenFjord brand of premium salmon. The flagship brand reflects the most important characteristics of the company – integrity, excellence, purity, and innovation.

HiddenFjord premium salmon is the finest quality in the world. The care with which our HiddenFjord salmon are raised and packed is second to none.

Nature’s Perfect Salmon Environment

The surroundings are the natural feeding ground of wild Atlantic Salmon. Wild salmon leave the rivers of Europe and travel to the feeding grounds around the Faroe Islands. Here these wild salmon grow and thrive before heading back to the rivers of Europe to spawn. Atlantic Salmon has adapted to this environment for thousands of years and therefore we can proudly say that we raise HiddenFjord salmon in its naturally desired surroundings.

We protect our environment by minimizing pressure on farming sites. As an important part of this process, we have successfully increased the production of our salmon (Smolt size) on land. We then carefully and strategically place our pens in waves and currents in order to maximize the wellbeing of the salmon and to minimize stress on the environment. Regular measurements are taken from the salmon to monitor their health and from the seabed to monitor the environment. Our goal is to allow the finest salmon in the world to do what they do best — live happily and grow into one of the finest natural resources that discriminating diners around the world can enjoy.

Raised in the Wild and Pampered in the Process

In addition to our pristine environment is the exceptional care and gentle manner in which HiddenFjord salmon is packed. Our experience and expertise qualifies us to innovate new technologies for every phase of the packing process. We have developed the most humane and non-disruptive technology available to ensure that each piece of HiddenFjord premium salmon has the perfect flavor, richest color and optimal appearance.

Every aspect of the HiddenFjord brand story represents our investment intended to increase your customer’s loyalty and enhance their dining experience. We are confident that together with you, HiddenFjord premium Faroese salmon will make a positive difference in your business.