Our Practices

Important Basics

HiddenFjord premium salmon are raised in the wild without the use of antibiotics or hormones. We have developed the most natural and humane harvest method in the world; which also means we do not use well boats in the process. Each phase of growth for HiddenFjord salmon is natural and each step of the process has been customized to provide the most ideal, stress-free environment resulting in ultra-superior quality.

Beyond Sustainable

HiddenFjord salmon is one of the most pampered aquaculture products on earth. Our innovative and humane practices go far beyond what the industry considers ‘sustainable’ and into a realm we refer to as Beyond Sustainable.

The reason we describe our efforts as going beyond what some require as a sustainable practice is because we understand that preserving our farming environment is the very least we can do in our generation. We are keenly aware that our environment is the main factor that allows for us to continue raising HiddenFjord salmon in the wild.

We also understand that the team we select to raise HiddenFjord salmon must be refreshed and invigorated on a regular basis. We frequently have company-wide outings and events — events that preserve our culture and enhance our community. It’s a fantastic team and each member plays an integral role in the success of the HiddenFjord brand. We appreciate their efforts and share the success of the brand like a family.

Industry Leaders

The industry went through fundamental reform in 2003, and today we have the safest and most predictable fish production environment in the world.

In 2003, the Faroe Islands implemented one of the most comprehensive and stringent aquaculture veterinarian regulatory regimes in the world, known as the Faroese Veterinarian Act on Aquaculture. Our company was the main driving force behind the new Act on Aquaculture in Faroe Islands.

The Faroese Veterinarian Act on Aquaculture is now providing inspiration and guidance for the implementation of sustainable Aquaculture standards around the world.

A unique and vital part of our farming is the “all-in, all-out” strategy. Each production site is limited to only one generation of salmon. Between each generation, all equipment has to be dismantled, thoroughly cleaned and approved by the Food and Veterinary Agency. Thereafter, the site has to lie fallow for a minimum of two months before a new generation can be raised in the fjord. This strategy promotes two very important management goals:

1. The salmon are protected from the spread of disease thereby enhancing the welfare of the fish.

2. The environment is protected by allowing the growing habitat to lie fallow and rest while the strong North Atlantic currents and waves effectively clean the site.

To further guarantee the quality of the water and surroundings, it is required by law that water and seabed quality measurements are taken in the pens and on the seabed on a regular basis and analyzed for purity.

The maximum density in the pens is limited by law, enhancing fish welfare by ensuring that our salmon have ample room to thrive and grow.

The strict veterinarian aquaculture legislation in the Faroe Islands has been instrumental in ensuring the welfare of our salmon, as it protects the salmon from disease and other natural and unnatural pressures.

We are continually improving our sustainable farming practices. Some have been in place for years. For example, since the early 90’s our salmon has been completely free of antibiotics and hormones.

Harvesting salmon is a delicate process from pen to packaging. We carefully move pens from the farming sites into the harvest area where the fish gently swim over to a harvest race (rectangular pen). By using the harvest race we can divide the fish into batches. Then, we can gently but swiftly harvest one small batch at a time.

Luna was the first company in the world to implement a fully mobile stun and bleeding system from Seafood Innovations. This system humanely stuns and bleeds the salmon securing best possible quality for our customers.

At Luna, we have a thorough understanding of the product as well as the process. We have a rich past that we honor and respect, and we have a bright future as respected leaders in our industry. Our entire focus has been, is, and will always be, on providing you with the highest quality salmon in the world. HiddenFjord brand superior salmon is the pleasant result of our intense focus and passion.

Improving the Industry

In addition to setting an example for the world through our legislation, we continue to innovate and create. We are always studying and learning. Each phase of salmon growth, each step of the growth process, each piece of machinery, and each touch-point with our customers is reviewed, challenged and improved. The need to develop and improve the processes and practices of minimizing the sea lice threat is ongoing. We are leading the improvement in this process by producing the biggest smolts on land before placing them into the ocean. We are bold in the strategic placement of our sites in exposed locations and area widely known as the only company in the world that can claim to have salmon “Raised in the Wild.” HiddenFjord brand is the finest in the world and we are committed to remaining so. We will not rest.

We provide a solid and responsible example for the industry and challenge our competitors to do the same. It is in our best interest, on a global level, to improve the standards of care and practice throughout the industry. With increased care in the aquaculture industry comes increased acceptance and demand.

With each passing day, we improve our practices and our standards. As a result, HiddenFjord ultra-premium salmon is continually more enjoyable.