HiddenFjord is a GLOBALG.A.P.-certified company.

GLOBALG.A.P. is the worldwide standard for Good Agricultural Practices, a quality assurance system for agriculture and aquaculture.

The GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture Standard sets strict criteria for legal compliance, food safety, workers’ occupational health & safety, GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP), animal welfare, environmental and ecological care, and serves as a credible third-party verification to confirm our business operations are both sustainable and safe.

The standard covers the entire production chain – from the feed manufacturer to the hatchery, nursery, and grow-out, including transportation, harvest and post-harvest activities, and provides reassurance to consumers that our salmon is farmed responsibly in ecologically sound conditions.

Our GLOBALG.A.P. number (GGN) is: 4063061339980.
You can download our latest GLOBALG.A.P. certificate here.

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